Get your little one, our comfortable best sellers, junior Timberland baby shoes to match for an adorable way to dress your little one. Our best baby booties are perfect for any baby girl or baby boy you want to spoil. The unisex look makes them perfect for a baby shower gift, plus they're more durable than crochet or organic cotton booties.

When you want to keep Baby's feet comfy, pull on a pair of soft leather ankle boots. The padded lining, non-skid, soft soles, and smooth laces all add up to the perfect suede footwear for keeping a newborn baby comfortable. The lining is just as soft as faux fur, made with easy-to-clean materials so you can keep your baby boots clean for your little one.

Our infant crib bootie and hat combo are made for cozy comfort at home. The sherpa-soft fleece lining is perfect for keeping little feet toasty. They can also work as casual winter boots. Just bundle up Baby in the stroller and pull on your own non-slip women's sneaker boots for a quick run out to the store. These booties stay on in the cold to protect their toes! And once they've outgrown their crib boots, you can get them ready for the world beyond in toddler boots.

You don't need full snow boots for a newborn pre-walker who's going to stay in your arms while the toddler boys and girls run around. Our slip-on sherpa booties are perfect for transitioning from inside to outside in a flash. Just tug on some mittens and a tiny winter coat, and they're ready for a short trip outside.