Men's 3-Pack Giftable Graphic Crew Socks
Men's 2-Pack Casual No-Show Socks

Working wonders behind the scenes, a pair of Timberland men's socks is the easiest way to ensure a continuous comfortable fit when wearing any of our footwear, whether that's a pair of our Original Yellow Boots™ or some chukka sneakers. From performance crew socks and boot socks that reach for your knees to liner socks that will always be out of sight to no-show and ankle socks in-between, it's easy to pick a pair to meet your needs. Offering fabric blends that provides long-lasting comfort and is finished with distinct Timberland logos and prints, these are socks that will be mainstays of your closet for years to come.

With plenty of sock styles to choose from, you can match everything from low-top sneakers to your favorite lace-up hiking boots. Athletic cushioned crew socks are great for pairing with hikers or ankle boots, for a comfortable fit that matches your style. If you like low-cut socks, we've got no-shows that are perfect for wearing with your favorite pair of chukka sneakers. Quarter socks (aka our shortie cotton crew socks) split the difference for those who like sports socks that don't show quite as much. And with a multipack (or two!), you'll be able to wear socks in comfy cuts whenever you want.

Shop all our sock styles to match everything from trending dress boots to everyday comfortable men's shoes. Cushion ankle socks in a range of colors suit all kinds of low-cut ankle boots. Our boot socks make a great pair for many of our ankle-high best sellers. Grab a unisex pair of socks to wear with women's clothing like leggings and a loose t-shirt or men's clothing, including jeans and a flannel shirt. Plus, check our new arrivals for different styles to pair with your favorite socks.

From full and half cushion crew socks to a moisture-wicking cotton blend, there's plenty to love about our built-for-comfort men's socks. Looking for a pair of running socks to go trail running? Keep an eye out for our CoolMax® breathable fabric blend that helps keep your feet cool. Arch support knitted into the build of the sock helps stave off aches and pains. When it comes to our taller socks, the stretchy knit ensures your fit isn't too tight for comfort. If you're going to be on your feet, grab a pair of socks that will help you stay there.