Timberland’s vision is to be the largest, most sustainable outdoor lifestyle brand on Earth.  In pursuit of this bold goal, we strive to do the right thing – to Make It Better – for our products, our communities, and the outdoors.

For over four decades, Timberland has been committed to making premium quality, beautifully crafted products for the outdoor lifestyle, and being a responsible corporate citizen.  At the foundation of this commitment is a continuous drive to design and develop industry-leading, environmentally responsible products, materials and processes. 

Timberland’s innovation is embodied in its Intellectual Property, including Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights.  In accordance with Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code, the reader is hereby placed on notice of Timberland’s patent rights in the United States and foreign jurisdictions listed on this site and associated with the following products.  Each product may be covered by one or more of the patents list below.

To find a patent:

Click on the MASTER PATENT LIST PDF file below.

  • When the file opens, hold down Ctrl +F (Control key and F letter key) to prompt a search box.
  • Type in the SKU (style number) of the product you're looking for and hit enter.
  • You will then be able to see all the patents held by the style you're looking for. 
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